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In most countries in the world, discharge temperature of waste water in the environment is limited to 30°c or below. The poor solubility of oxygen in lukewarm water makes thermal pollution a major cause of poor river water quality and thus should be avoided.

However, warm waste water is a knife that cuts both ways, as much as it is a problem it also represents an opportunity. By using Blue Heat’s advanced technology, the heat contained in the waste water can be reinjected in the process, creating major savings and contributing simultaneously to a better environment. 

The simplest way to reuse heat is to preheat hot water make up. For this purpose, we have a range of solutions available with direct heat recovery, or boosted by our patented Blue Hero technology. The Blue Hero concept uses adapted heat pump technology and free flow plate heat exchangers. This returns a yield in excess of 10 kWh thermal output for any 1 kWh electrical power input, including adaptive capacity mode without storage.


  • Environmental solution with decent pay back due to energy savings
  • Proven technology
  • COP >10
  • No intermediate storage
  • Integration in waste water treatment plant by our specialists
  • Full integration with pumps, filters, heat pumps, heat exchangers, piping and wiring, automation and remote surveillance
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