For decades, SIGMA plate heat exchangers have been successfully used in the chemical industry. We provide solutions for the most diverse applications, including the cooling and heating of base, intermediate, and final products. In addition we have experience in heat recovery, the tempering of containers, reactors and autoclaves.

Our solutions offer superior efficiency and operational safety, low capital outlay, and the ability to accommodate required capacity changes. Capabilities in CIP or mechanical cleaning, as well as the utilization of special materials for critical media, have made our plate heat exchangers an important component in chemical production processes.

Thanks to our track record around the globe, we are a recognized leader within the chemical industry.


Cooling and heating of acids and caustic solutions
Cooling and heating at extreme temperatures and pressures
Cooling of highly-viscous products (e.g. latex)
Tempering and condensation of solvents (e.g. toluene)
Cooling and heating of all kinds of pumpable chemical products
Cooling of water circuits
Condensation of exhaust vapors, steam and multiple-material mixtures
Intermediate and economizer circuits with high levels of temperature similarity (Δt <2°C)
Safety circuits to avoid contamination
Evaporation systems for waste water and waste solutions


SIGMA gasketed heat plate exchangers
SIGMATWIN double-wall plate heat exchangers
SIGMADUAL semi-welded plate heat exchangers
SIGMACOAT gasketed heat plate exchangers
SIGMAWIG all-welded plate heat exchangers
SIGMASHELL plate and shell heat exchangers
SIGMASTAR evaporation systems
SIGMAVAP evaporation systems

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