Blue Hero a product by BlueHeat

The Blue Heat Recovery Operation (Blue Hero) is the brainchild which spawned Blue Heat and a collaboration that has held strong until the present day.

Thermal polution restrictions have forced the industry to think twice about their sewage treatment effluent and the thermal energy this effluent contains. The Blue Hero will recuperate the lost thermal energy and transfer this to preheat a media of choice.

Blue Heat Recovery Operation

The Blue Hero recovers heat from waste water streams by simple techniques in order to transform waste water into a sustainable energy source. The combination of precisely dimensioned heat exchangers and a heat pump recover the thermal energy from the effluent to reduce thermal pollution and to yield hot process water. The Blue Hero concept offers two solutions: 

  1. Heat recovery from effluent
  2. Heat recovery from effluent using a heat pump to preheat cold proceswater

Depending on the temperature of your effluent, a heat pump might be necessity. The Blue Hero concept is designed as such, that starting from low-calorific effluent (23°C) it can produce process water heated to 60°C very efficiently.


Blue Hero Savings Calculator Coming Soon!

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