Hydrocarbon coalescer separator example

Coalescence separators for the separation of hydrocarbons, such as oil or petrol from water, or likewise the separation of water from other process streams.


Separation of hydrocarbons from water

Coalescers separate oil-water mixtures with the principle of coalescence, the merging of small droplets to larger ones. For this purpose, the mixture is passed through special coalescence cartridges made of fine glass fibres. The special glass fibres and their surface structure ensures that the disperse phase (usually the oil droplets) combine to form larger droplets. An nonstable emulsion can thus be separated. The droplets enlarged by our coalescence cartridges can then be separated using the difference in density.

Coalescer Hydrocarbon from water

Separation of water from hydrocarbons

coalescence separators use special inserts for water separation with special fibres. Both phases flow through these inserts, whereby water droplets adhere to the hydrophilic fibres of the coalescence elements and larger droplets coalesce. In a second stage, separator inserts consisting of a water-repellent Teflon membrane prevent water from leaving the apparatus with the oil.



The use of our coalescer plates is a compact and low-maintenance solution for separating oil from water.

The process medium flows through the plate gaps in laminar form, whereby the separation takes place via path, time and density difference. The oil droplets rise due to their lower density. After a maximum of 6 or 12 mm they have reached the underside of the above coalescence plate. As soon as the oil droplets touch the coalescence plate, they adhere due to the special surface properties of the coalescence plates and are thus separated from the process stream.

The coalescence plate separators have height-adjustable oil overflows which allow a continuous oil discharge. The housings are made of stainless steel or coated carbon steel and are designed and manufactured according to your specifications. We can respond to your suggestions and ideas individually.


Our coalescence separators can be equipped with a control panel, feed pump, valves and all measuring devices needed for automatic oil discharge. The apparatuses can also be manufactured as pressure vessels acc. to the Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU).

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