Blue Tower II Picture

The Blue Tower II is a new technological development to recuperate heat from moist air, more specifically exhaust air which has come out of dryers, cooking or baking setups etc. The recovered heat can be used to preheat process water or process air. This air or water can also be enriched thermally using a heat pump if the situation demands it. 

Wärmeturm layout

The Blue Tower II is a product which has left many an engineer speechless. After the concept was thoroughly engineered, the university of Karlsruhe was put in charge of the proof of concept, which spawned an effective, functioning pilot installation. It has since been possible to capture the high energy content from the moist air which was often released unused.

Wärmteturm simple diagram

The Blue Tower II is an idea derived from the original Blue Tower, where the thought process started from the perspective of a cooling tower and how one could reverse such a cooling tower into a heat recovery tower. 

Each Blue Tower II is designed and tailored exactly to the customer's needs. Custom components are therefore a necessity and our custom designs increase the heat exchanger surface and efficiency. 

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