Blue Tower a product by BlueHeat

The Blue Tower I is the second Blue Heat brainchild, whereby hot water of over 95°C is produced by means of dirt laden waste steam condensation. The Blue Tower technology makes it possible to extract the heat from waste vapours in an efficient and profitable manner. This technology can be applied to the most contaminated of vapours, consistently recuperating the heat so it can be used elsewhere. We often see significant drops in heating costs and water consumption, resulting in Payback times of 1-2 years.

Blue Tower Schema


The Blue Tower technology solves many of the usual problems when recovering heat from dirty vapours. The water droplets act as a heat exchanger, and due to the differential pressure the vapour implodes, creating high turbulent heat transfer. In addition, this increases the droplet size and therefore the water is heated.


  • Controlling and neutralising the pH and corrosion is made easy, because the showering water can be pre-treated to suit the needs of the waste vapour
  • The Rain shower effect of the Blue Tower means there is no counterpressure even when the Blue Tower is not working
  • In the same way a gas scrubber would, the Blue Tower reduces foul odour emissions.
  • SIGMA 'Free Flow' heat exchangers reduce the chance of blockages whilst maintaining a low LMTD
  • Very high power for very low cost
  • Self cleaning sieve
  • Possibility to feed non-condensables to (boiler) burner


Blue Tower Savings Calculator Coming Soon!

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