poolish in a bowl

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Today many people suffer from gluten intolerance. Recent research has shown that the majority of the problems are not caused by wheat proteins or gluten, but are caused by short polysaccharides or fructanes. 

Bread which is made using slow sourdough fermentation seems to be part of the solution. Sourdough can largely eliminate these fructanes and makes the bread easier to digest. Production of industrial scale sourdough happens in large vessels. The reactions which occur are exothermic and therefore need cooling. After fermentation occurs, the sourdough need to be rapidly deep cooled.

To ensure cooling capacities are always sufficient, Blue Heat uses external process coolers with a special Free Flow profile, the F-type plates. They allow recirculation of both poolish and sourdough, with viscosities ranging from 200 to 7000cP, with low pressure drops and the possibility to keep the temperature steady during fermentation. The medium will rapidly cool down from 35°C to 6°C and below for storage and further processing.

F-type plates have proven to be the best choice for these flour-water mixes with high viscosities.


  • Low pressure drop
  • Frames in Painted steel or stainless steel
  • Sanitary design
  • CIP-cleanable and almost no contact points
  • Capacity increase by modified plate arrangement
  • Compact design and small product volume hold up
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